The Life FM Summer Bucket List




Anywhere between one hour to one week after summer begins, parents hear the dreaded “I’m bored.”  Kids get antsy, and that can make the parents antsy.  Life FM is here to help you with your bored kids blues!  Introducing the Life FM Summer Bucket List!  We’ve assembled a great list of ideas you can do as a family over the summer!  Better yet, we are challenging families to accomplish every one in our top 10 list.   We will be awarding prizes to families that can accomplish every one of these this summer!




Top 10 Summer Bucket List

  • Visit a spray park

  • Do a Summer Service Project (Raise money to give back to God)

  • Take a tour at the Insect Lore (free)

  • Go bowling  (check here for how to get free bowling for your kids)

  • Go ice blocking (Buy a block of ice and sled down a hill on a hot day)

  • Do a Progressive Lunch or Dinner with each course at a different place

  • Go to a free city-sponsored movie in the park (movies and times available here – page 15)

  • Host a Backyard Bible Club/ Disciple Others

  • Have a picnic while watching the sunset

  • Celebrate a random holiday (like Corn on the Cob Day on June 11th)

Use this as a resource, or if you are up for the challenge, take on all 10!  If you’d like a chance at winning a family prize (like tickets to the Fair, free treats at Dewars, etc) Take a picture of your family doing each of these things and email it to us!  You have the whole summer to do it!  Send your pictures to for your chance to win!  Most of all, HAVE FUN!  Enjoy time with your family!

Here are some extra lists (not needed for the contest) to help give you more ideas!

Summer Service ideas


  • Help build a home with our local Habitat for Humanity

  • Make blankets for the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center

  • Donate diapers to the Bakersfield Homeless Center

  • Give water to people on the bike path

  • Pick up someone’s tab:

    • Pay for someone’s order at the Starbucks drive

    • Pay for someone’s groceries or gas

  • Hand out flowers at the nursing home

  • Reach out and become a friend  like Invite someone with a disability to go to a movie or have a picnic

  • Babysit for free

  • Pick up trash on the side of the road

  • Do a fundraiser for a missionary

  • Make a homeless care kit (deodorant, socks, Bible, cereal bar, etc)

  • Bake cookies and deliver to fireman or police


Other fun ideas around town

  • Edwards Cinema Summer Movie Express ($1 movies at the Marketplace) List of movies here!
  • Visit the Lori Brock Children’s Center (Adults $10, Kids 3-5 $7, Kids 6-12 $8)

  • Visit CALM (Adults $9, Children 3-12 $5, Children under 3- free)

  • Get frozen treats

  • Visit a Farmers Market (only cost of produce you buy)

  • Visit your library

  • do a time capsul  to remember your summer