Show Love: Neighbors

Show Love: Neighbors

Throughout the month of July, we are talking all about neighboring here at Life FM.

Neighboring is building relationships intentionally. Keep it simple or plan something- however you do it, this can lead to deep conversations and even new friends!

Building relationships take time, but it’s so worth the investment…. here’s how to do that:


  • ·         Be available
    • Make an effort to talk to your neighbors on a regular basis
    • Water plants, walk the dog or let kids play and be available for conversation
    • Connect online to connect offline: Use Nextdoor or Facebook as a catalyst to connect offline


  •      Host
    • Do up a block party potluck style. You supply main dish, odd number houses bring side, even house numbers bring dessert.
    • Rent a water slide or movie screen and invite the neighborhood
    • Plan an outdoor game
    • A Progressive Block Party allows each house to have their food in their driveway, then each neighbor stops by each house for food and to visit.
    • Invite other adults over for coffee or a bbq
    • Hire or recruit a band for a front yard concert
    • Host taco night with Bible Study. Free food helps get people there!
    • Start a neighborhood tradition, like yearly bike parade or cooking competition.
    • Host a book club.


  • ·         Serve
    • Offer to help your neighbors with yard work
    • Celebrate new life along with neighbors: drop by a gift or a meal.
    • Offer to take care of pets while they are gone
    • Celebrate when neighborhood children graduate or accomplish something grand.
    • Offer to babysit for a single mom or a couple who needs a date night
    • Make cookies and give some to neighbors
    • Coordinate a neighborhood yard sale
    • When a neighbor is down and out, drop a kit well gift at their door
    • Build a Little Free Library, put in your yard and fill with books for others to take.
    • Establish a neighborhood watch program.
    • Support school and extracurricular fundraisers
    • Buy lemonade or hot cocoa from young entrepreneurs.
    • Offer to share your skills with your neighbors.