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Welcome to the Life FM prayer room. This is a place where you can ask for prayer, or pray for the listed requests. How it works is very simple. If you would like to submit a prayer request, just click the box below. Please note that while it does ask for contact information, that will NEVER be shared. It is only there to help ensure that this page is not abused (spam, inappropriate posts, etc). You will be given an option for it to mention your first name, or to keep it completely anonymous. You can also be notified by email every time someone prays for you simply by clicking the box that indicates it towards the bottom.

For you prayer warriors, as you pray for the requests you see, would you be so kind as to click the ‘I prayed for this’ button? It lets people know that others are supporting them in prayer, and is very encouraging.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like! Please remember this is for prayer requests only, not responding to other posts.


After some soul searching I am going back to school after 9 years to get my BA and teaching credential. I have a full time job right now and i'm looking for a part time one in order to go back to school, but I haven't had any luck finding one. My younger brother just graduated high school and he is looking for a job also. It is not an easy process and we are trying not to be discouraged. Prayers would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

Received: June 2, 2015


My daughter is changing a lot. He has ungodly friends. I ask God to free her from evil in the name of Jesus Christ.

Received: June 2, 2015


Urge, you fast & pray for me Heavenly father forgive all OUR sins, deliver us from devil’s bondage, restore our 20 years of marriage, help my husband to repent, open his eyes, help us to love & forgive each other, Set me free from all evil thoughts which I could not STOP, restore what the enemy has taken from me, touch & heal my mind & body, take complete control of ourselves, mind, thought, body, soul, keep us healthy & happy, help my daughter in her study, destroy all evil plans against us, protect me at my work place no one may harm me, provide me finance, hide identity IJN Amen

Received: June 2, 2015


Help me to pray for my daughter. She is turning away from all bible teaching we did since she was born. She has ungodly friends. Instead of sharing Jesus, she is getting their bad habits. Please, help me to ask God to show her the right way and to open her eyes to spiritual things. Help to pray for her!!!! On the name of Jesus Christ, I beg Amen. friend needs healing for her husband.

Received: June 2, 2015


Please pray for my job and my desire to keep working at this company. I don\'t want to quit but everyday I have to talk myself into going and not quitting. Please pray for me. My family is depending on me to provide for them. I let people get to me and discourage me. I believe in God I just have a problem in believing in myself. Please pray for me. I battle worry and I have all my life. Please pray for me. Thank you very much, In Jesus name

Received: June 1, 2015


My marriage is in trouble. My husband and I at this moment are not living in the same house. Its very difficult since we do not see each other or talk to each other either. I love my husband very much and I dont believe in the D... Dont like saying that word. I strongly believe in marriage until death do us apart. These few weeks have been so hard. I want my marriage restored.

Thank you for your prayers!

Received: May 31, 2015

Jennifer Reitz

I'm Jennifer Reitz. Could u please pray for my boyfriend Brian Vincent Lancaster. Evil has entered him, he needs the evil taken out of him. He now gets headaches every day/night. He blames me for causing his headaches. I want him realize that I love him. Evil took over him. He used to be very good to me, now he acts like he hates me. Please could u also pray that Brian comes back in my life, and our relationship renewed asap. I really love him. He also needs Jesus asap. We both live in Milwaukee, Wi. Thank u very much.

Received: May 31, 2015


Please pray for my son who is 18 and is smoking marijuana and is defiant. I raised him as a christian and know that God has a plan for his life! I need wisdom. thank you

Received: May 30, 2015


My brother Ricardo, he is in the National guard for protection and guidance.

Received: May 30, 2015


Please pray for my mom. She struggles with alcohol addiction and depression. God I pray in the name of Jesus you have the Devils assignment against my mom loosened. I pray that you give her the strength to stop drinking and that you show her how much she is worth and that the depression is lifted. God I thank you in advance for performing your word over my mom today and every day. In Jesus name, Amen.

Received: May 30, 2015

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