Matt Pelishek

Program Director for Life FM, and co-host of the Afternoon Joy Ride

Matt graduated from Northwestern College and Radio in St. Paul, Minnesota with a degree in radio broadcasting in 2006, however he has been involved in radio since 2000.  Matt has 3 daughters, but he also holds a 2nd degree black belt.  These two things are not unrelated.  God have mercy on the poor soul who first asks to date one of his precious girls.  Matt also loves all things geeky, especially Star Wars, old kung fu films, and cartoons from the 80’s.  Matt says that ‘everyday I’m learning what it means to love all people.  The ability to speak to men and women, kids and grandparents, Christians and skeptics, democrats and republicans every day is an absolute honor.”

Favorite Christian band/artist of all time:  DC Talk

Something I love that no one else does: Spicy pork rinds, but I only eat them in secret, and in the dark.

Favorite movie quote:  “I Know.”  – Han Solo

What food will be served in heaven:  Tacos, pizza, and taco pizza.  Possibly pizza tacos.

Favorite Bible verse: Galations 1:10 “So who am I trying to please, man or God?  If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.”