Keeping Your Resolutions


This is the time of year that is about new beginnings, when we really want to do things better than we did last year.  So most of us will make some kind of a committment, what we call a “New Year’s Resolution.” Maybe that Resolution is about losing weight, or studying at school better, or working harder at that second job, or get up earlier to read your Bible – whatever it might be.

This can all be a challenge.  But keep this in mind.  You are only making these Resolutions because you believe they are good for you or your family, and that you would be better off for doing them than for not doing them.  So let me encourage you to keep at it and move forward!

I have three really important resolutions for the new year too.  I’ll call them “re-soul-lutions.”  First, I want to be a blessing to others.  Second, I want to speak words of life to other people, and blessing, and encouragement. And third, I really want to come to a better and better understanding of who I am in Christ.  I want to know how God sees me.  And I want to live everyday in light of how He sees me, and feels about me.  These are my re-soul-utions.  Maybe they will be yours too!

May God Richly Bless You,

Doug Cowan

Director of Ministry