Support the Philippines


Life FM and Compassion International invite you to be a part of bringing vital support to the Philippines which were recently hit by a super typhoon.  More than 10,000 are feared dead, and 630,000 have been displaced from their homes.

The United Nations say that there is little to no food, water, or medicine available to the massive amounts of people who have been affected.  Relief operations are having a hard time getting there because of the destroyed roads.

Compassion International, however, has been working in the Philippines since 1972, and already has a network of local churches in place.  They have set up a fund that will enable them to provide emergency food and water, build temporary shelters, replenish supplies for families, and offer counseling and support as needed.

Please join us in helping provide for these brothers and sisters with your financial support.  Simply click the link below to give any amount.

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