Contest Rules


HERE ARE THE BASIC CONTEST RULES FOR ALL CONTESTS BROADCAST ON 88.3 LIFE FM. Some contests may have rules that differ slightly from these, but they will be so stated for that particular contest.

  • The Bible Quiz is open to all listeners, regardless of age. All other contests are open to radio or online listeners who are eighteen years of age or older. Only one winner per immediate family is permitted in a thirty day period.
  • By entering the contest, it is understood that the listener agrees to allow his/her voice and/or likeness to be used in any Life FM promotion without any further compensation.
  • All phone calls to Life FM are subject to recording and may be aired on Life FM without further approval of the caller unless otherwise stated by the caller at the time of the phone call.
  • Life FM is not responsible for any problems with the telephone system which might inhibit or increase the chances of winning a contest.
  • Contests conducted using email/Facebook/Twitter or other social or electronic media are subject to the same disclaimer as stated in the paragraph above.
  • In case two or more callers get through at the same time, all callers will be dropped and the next caller in line will be the next call counted toward the call goal for the contest.
  • All prizes must be picked up within two weeks of winning. Prizes that are unclaimed will be put re-used in future contests. All prizes are provided to Life FM in exchange for promotion. No cash outlay by Life FM will be assumed unless otherwise stated.
  • Prizes are non-transferrable unless permission is given at the time of the contest. If the winner requests the prize be mailed Life FM is not responsible for any delays in time sensitive prizes, such as concert or movie tickets, nor for damage or loss in the mailing process.
  • Life FM reserves the right to revoke any prize given prize winner if it is determined that the winner did not meet contest requirements such as time between wins, or immediate family at the same address.
  • Life FM will issue a 1099 MISC form from the IRS for prizes that total more than $600 in a calendar year. It is the responsibility of the winner to fill out the form and return to the Internal Revenue Service. All local, State of California or Federal taxes are the sole responsibility of the prize winner.
  • All prizes are equally available to every entrant without any real or implied financial consideration of purchase of product or donation to Life FM.
  • In case of disputes regarding any of our contests, the decision of the staff and management of KAXL Radio, 88.3 Life FM will be final.
  • On contests which require an email or paper entry, unless otherwise stated in the contest rules for that contest, only one entry per household will be accepted. Life FM will only put one entry per household into the prize drawing. All other entries from that household will be discarded.
  • All contest entries become the property of Life FM and may be used by Life FM in promotional advertising and/or publicity announcements.
  • Employees of Skyride Unlimited/KAXL Radio and their family members are not eligible to enter or win any contest.