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VBS season is right around the corner! Life FM is your source for local vacation Bible school programs around our community. Check back here as we update the various VBS happening this summer, or submit the info for your churches program…(Read More)

We are thrilled to introduce the brand new Life FM prayer room. Read more about it here, and how you can post your requests. You can also let people in our community know you are praying for them with a single click. Check it out…(Read More)

We are excited to announce the launch of Family Ministries from Life FM! We are offering an assortment of counselling seminars for your church or business at NO cost to you! We just want to be a part of strengthening our community, and to say thank you for all your support of this station…(Read More)

Classic Christian music fans rejoice! The God of All Glory tour is coming to Bakersfield! Featuring Wayne Watson, Steve Green, Twila Paris, and Larnelle Harris! All the details here! You may not have another chance to see a concert like this…(Read More)

For many people, reading the entire Bible in a year is a goal, but seemingly too daunting to carry through. We’ve compiled a list of resources that can help! You can make 2013 the year you read your Bible cover to cover with these great, easy to use, and free resources…(Read More)

When disaster strikes, there is tragedy, but there is also opportunity. Let’s take the opportunity to show God’s love by helping meet the needs of those affected by hurricane Sandi…(Read More)

Thank You!


We feel truly blessed to have such amazing listeners, with so many people stepping up to keep local Christian radio on the air. Click the above link for more info about how close we got to the goal, and see a little glimpse of behind the scenes…(Read More)