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88.3 Life FM is supported by listeners, and your thoughts on this station are very important.  Our listener feedback groups are a way for listeners to address thoughts and opinions on what we do, and how we do it.  We take your feedback very seriously, and they always help us to improve. We have…(Read More)

Are you a mother of young children?  We know how important it is to be in a community that relates to you, but can also encourage you in the daily routine of being a mom!  Join Becky Pelishek from Middays with Becky in a casual, no pressure book club.  Jump in any time!  You can…(Read More)

This just may be the biggest show of the year!  Life FM is thrilled to be a part of Glory SCV this summer!  On June 22nd, a massive line up of 5 big artists!  Newsboys, Hawk Nelson, Citizen Way, I Am They, and We Are Messengers! It’s a huge line up just down the…(Read More)

What is the Meaning of Life? What does life mean to you? What’s the most important thing in the world to you? Why are you here? The pursuit of happiness, discovering your purpose, making a difference in your community, leaving the world a better place, connecting with others and building relationships? Or do you…(Read More)

This is the time of year that is about new beginnings, when we really want to do things better than we did last year.  So most of us will make some kind of a committment, what we call a “New Year’s Resolution.” Maybe that Resolution is about losing weight, or studying at school better…(Read More)

Our friends at Fair Trade records have a great Christmas present for you!  They are giving away 10 great songs, FOR FREE!  It includes 10 songs from 5 artists, each artist includes one regular and one Christmas song.  You’ve been busy with your Christmas shopping and preperations, time to get something for yourself! You…(Read More)

Life FM and Compassion International invite you to be a part of bringing vital support to the Philippines which were recently hit by a super typhoon. More than 10,000 are feared dead, and 630,000 have been displaced from their homes. Please consider helping us provide for these urgent needs…(Read More)

Thank You!


You are making such a difference in our community! Thank you to everyone who has made this station possible! God is using Life FM in big and humbling ways, and you are a part of that story. Thank you…(Read More)