Back-to-School Power of Prayer



It’s hard to believe that back-to-school is here again!!

If you’re like many of us, that thought is met with mixed emotions. We love the routine and predictability the school year brings, but will also miss the  lazy, open days of summer.

We look forward to a school year of both academic & spiritual growth. That’s why together we will take these steps to make a difference in the school year.


Pray for your children as they start the new year of studies; and pray with them for this new year, too!

Pray for your children’s teachers by name. Pray for health, wisdom, energy and protection. Pray for their classmates, for good friendships, for the classroom dynamic and emotional atmosphere. Pray for the school staff and administration.

Do this if you homeschool, too! Pray for yourself, for friends in your homeschool co-op, for the creators of your curricula. Pray for yourself and your spouse that you would be the parents you need to be, and that you would be instruments of encouragement in your school, community and workplace.

Pray with intentionality. Pray daily.

+ Encourage

In addition, if you can, make a plan for encouraging your teacher. Teachers have a tough, tough job, y’all. They are expected to do it all and then some…kinda like moms, eh?

Get to know your teacher, what he/she likes, so you can better encourage them during the year. Decide how often you want to encourage them – verbally, tangibly, etc – and in what ways. Will you send little notes once a month? A yummy treat every other week? It may be helpful to make use of this free printable to help get to know your child’s teacher better!

Then, let your kids get in on the action! Let them draw a picture on the front of the card, or help you bake that banana bread you’re so famous for. For older kids, have them keep a running list of things they love about their teacher and/or that their teacher has really helped them with and include those things in your notes/cards.

Join our Facebook event to help be accountable to praying for our kids and their school year. While you’re there, encourage other parents as well! You can post photos there as you encourage teachers, too!

Also, check out our new Pinterest board for ideas on encouraging teachers for this year’s back-to-school!