Keep Cool this Summer


As we sit with water restrictions in the middle of a drought, we all need some creative ways to cool off!

Try some of these ideas:

Kiddie Pool

Instead of using your sprinkler or large pool, try a kiddie pool. You can also fill a kiddie pool with all sorts of fun things like:

  • ICE (keeps the pool cool longer and adds play factor)
  • Toys (some that float and sink for an on-hands science experiment))
  • Flowers, Grass & Mud (you or your kids can become part of a giant mud pie!)
  • Bubble Bath (seriously, who doesn’t love bubbles?)
  • Colored Oil (play as you watch water stay separated from oil)

Shaving Cream

  • Slip-N-Slide: freeze or refrigerate shaving cream, add to tarp or slip-n-slide for tons of bathing suit fun!
  • Mix paint and shaving cream in an ice cube tray. You can play by painting┬áthe sidewalks.
  • Put a bin of shaving cream in the freezer. Take it out, kids can drive trucks or ride horses in it while cooling off.

Ice Excavation

  • Fill a regular balloon with a toy or two, add water (and color, if you want), then freeze. Cut off balloon parts.
  • OR, fill a bin with toys and water, then freeze. Dump out of bin.
  • Kids can use tools to carefully excavate toys.

3 more tips

  • Avoid the oven (use other tools- like a slowcooker- whenever possible)
  • Cold pudding: doubles as edible finger paint
  • Try Ice Blocking!

Have fun and keep cool!

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