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Family Ministry Opportunities

KAXL is a unique ministry in Kern County – a “locally supported” Christian music and ministry station. Our programming, music, and message can pass through walls and into homes, cars, and ears where other ministries cannot reach. And now we also are expanding our ministry outreach by offering an outstanding line-up of seminars and workshops to strengthen families and build local churches.

KAXL 88.3 Life FM is partnering with Dr. Douglas Cowan, our Director of Ministry, to provide Marriage seminars and Parenting workshops to local churches in Kern County as a way of saying “thanks” to you, our listeners. Dr. Cowan is a pastor, therapist, and popular Marriage and Family Therapist who hosted Bakersfield’s “Family Matters” radio program for ten years. He is also the Clinical Editor of the online ADHD Information Library, and writes a weekly parent e-newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers. His program, “Where the Healing Begins,” can be heard Sunday evenings on KAXL beginning at 5:30 pm.

As a Pastor of Family Ministries for fifteen years Dr. Cowan taught dozens of parenting classes and marriage retreats. Now, thanks to KAXL radio and our ministry partners, he is available to come to your church – large or small – to provide these workshops and seminars – and this is all FREE of charge to your church!

The most popular seminars are:

  • Stress Management Classes – giving you tools to get through the stress.
  • Parenting Tips for Parents of 8-12 year olds – What parents need to know for this unique and important developmental stage.
  • Navigating in the New World – a six week workshop series for parents and teenagers. Together parents and teens look at developmental issues, family values and arguments, dating issues, the virtual idols of video games and texting (and sexting), ways to improve communication, increase family “satisfaction,” and all by looking at God’s plan for families.
  • Fathers as Pastors in the home – the title says it all. What does God expect from fathers? What do kids need from their dads? Men, let’s spend an hour or so at your next men’s breakfast, or men’s retreat, and talk about this…
  • Marriage Seminars – a half-day seminar for couples to strengthen their marriage and improve their communication skills. God’s Word has a lot to say about marriage, and a lot to say about how to get along with other people in every relationships. Together we can explore God’s intention for marriage. Is marriage just to make us happy? Or is marriage meant to make us more like Christ?
  • ADHD for parents – Having written over 220 articles on ADHD for parents and teachers through the years, Dr. Cowan is happy to provide a workshop for parents to help them to understand ADHD in the home, classroom, and doctor’s office.

We really want to be able to offer your church seminars that will strengthen your family – and every family! Let us know if there is a particular topic that your church’s leaders would like to see offered that is not on the list above.

These seminars are also a great way to reach into the neighborhood surrounding your church! Simply book the workshops with Dr. Cowan, and then promote the workshops. First, invite every family in your church. Second, ask every family in your church who they know that might want to come. And finally, go door to door in your church’s neighborhood and invite the families who live on your church’s street, and the next street over. Just the invitation to come can be a great conversation starter.

If you own or manage a business, we are also providing “stress management” workshops for your staff, employees, or even your clients. These workshops are about 90 minutes long and they are also provided for FREE to your business.

To learn more, give us a call here at the station (661) 832-2800 or email : [email protected]

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